High Impact Innovators Festival

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Terms of reference


YES Inc. is an organization dedicated to the entrepreneurial culture. It supports, in the Networking Countries, the implementation of Women's Economic Empowerment Policies and the fight against youth unemployment. In Mali, and in the West African Subregion, the Ten-Year Business Incubator Program for Women and Youth is another global commitment. On 6th January 2018, in the presence of Government Authorities, Elected Members, Notabilities, Diplomatic Institutions and PTF, the first Fair of Women and Young Innovators of Mali and Africa (called BITIKINI SHOW) took place in Bamako. . The event which registered more than 2000 participants was coupled with the launch of the Incubation-training of 1,700 Entrepreneurs - Innovators. These Startups will complete, at the end of their preparation in June 2018, to nearly 5,000 the number of innovators incubated by YES Inc MALI during the pilot phase of the Ten-year Incubator Program for Women and Young People. The many African talents being created are, for the most part, serial entrepreneurs and transformation-development actors in their respective communities. They are, moreover, prepared to work towards the multiplication of their own model among women and young people. It is in order to better popularize their talents and amplify the effects of this multiplication that has been designed the High Impact Innovators Festival - Hii FESTIVAL. This Festival of High Impact Innovators will be coupled on June 30, 2018 with the launch of the Incubation of 2000 new Innovators (8th Generation YES Entrepreneurs).  



• Overall objective: Supporting Socio-Economic Development and Employment Policies

• Specific objectives:

 ü Contribute to the promotion of talent in Africa and Mali in particular;

 ü Showcase the talents of innovators revealed and / or hidden from incubated entrepreneurs;

ü Introduce innovative Entrepreneurship Programs and Initiatives,

ü Instill a culture of innovation for women and young entrepreneurs;

ü Promote the entrepreneur model;

 ü Encourage creativity and innovation among women and youth

ü Promote social and economic entrepreneurship in communities.





The Hii-FESTIVAL strategy is focused on promoting innovation in its sustainability dimension within the community through women and youth entrepreneurship. The festival is initiated for the popularization and consolidation of talents in order to emphasize the innovativeness of incubated entrepreneurs. It will include: • Providing young women and young people with a space for exchange • Facilitating the inspiration of young people from diverse backgrounds by innovators and entrepreneurial models  


Hii FESTIVAL is financed by the Entrepreneurs themselves through the registration fees and sponsorship channels


A commission is set up for the preparations of the Festival. The commission is subdivided into operational bodies, particularly focused on: - design and monitoring, - communication, - logistics. - Material Organization, - Security. The main tasks of the Commission are:   ü identification, fixation, extension of the conditions and criteria for participation; ü validation of the activities identified ü development of the festival site; ü Planning and facilitation of planned communications. ü Development of the program of the day.  


- Exhibitions of talents (Speeches innovative approaches, Parade, and other artistic and technological demonstrations) - Presentation of GREEN BUSINESS STARTUPS at the end of the 2nd series <Cours Climat> - Launch of the UNIVERSITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP COACHS Program - The Innovation Forum (panel)

VII-  OPERATIVE DIAGRAM Preparation Ø A first impregnation meeting of the co-chairs with the facilitator to clear the outlines of the event. Ø A second meeting of the co-chairs with the technical unit composed of the G focus, Monitors, and the participants in the PFPF, to collect opinions and ideas, Ø Impregnation of festival participants Ø Meetings of appropriation Ø Concertations with strategic partners. On the day of the Festival Ø Installation ceremony and welcoming of strategic partners and 8th generation Innovators Ø Demonstration of entrepreneurs' talents on the podium Ø Launch of new initiatives and entrepreneurial programs Ø YES Network designers fashion show Ø YES Inc. entrepreneurs' culinary competition Mali Ø Exhibition of new technologies, Ø Presentation of public speaking (translation of the festival in English), Ø Innovation Forum After the Festival A meeting of the technical unit and participants of the festival for a report, (reviews, remarks, proposals and suggestions) Finally, thank you to all the people who contributed to the success of the festival  


Ø Festival participants confirm their conviction of the leading role they play in their respective communities

Ø Entrepreneurship is understood as an alternative of sustainable economic development for women and young people

Ø the entrepreneurial talents of women and young people are consolidated and popularized

Ø new initiatives and innovative entrepreneurial programs are popularized  



- Strategic Partners: - Government, - US Embassy, ​​- AfDB, - IUCN

- Other Partners: - All Embassies, - All Institutions, - OSC  


X- DATE AND LOCATION: Saturday, June 30, 2018 (from 8am) in Bamako, North korofina at the headquarters of YES Inc


XI- AGENDA: (subject of a subsequent communication at the end of the consultations with the partners)


Bamako February 5th, 2018